Buisiness Is Good

Since taking a hiatus from Rebel activity, the team has been doing well for themselves. Whether it is sniping someone for the Black Sun, growing narcotic spice for the local drug cartel, or a variety of other lucrative ventures. Rebel activity is very low profile, drawing little to no attention to Darlyn Boda. Banner and his Gamorrean allies all have sprawling plantations that provide plentiful, high end Ryll spice to Black Jack’s organization.

Bail Organa has respected the group’s desire to lay low. Other than regular tribute to the local Imperial Governor, there has been little Imperial activity of any concern. Even the Bounty Hunter’s Guild seems to have looked the other way on the team’s bounties. Or perhaps the reward is not worth the risk.

Then came the news. Bail Organa wasn’t likely to be visiting again, ever…


The news of Alderaan’s destruction spread like fire across the galaxy, and it shocked everyone. Right after news spread that the Empire destroyed Alderaan, thousands across the galaxy joined the Rebel alliance, along with many planets in the mid and outer rim announcing their open rebellion against the Empire. Scores of Imperials, especially those of Alderaanian descent, defected the Empire and joined the Rebel Alliance.

STAR WARS : On The Fringe

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