The Starport is busy and congested with local system craft as well as transports and cargo ships. A broad avenue stretches west from the southern end of the starport, lined with hotels, casinos and shops of all kinds. Eventually the avenue dumps into a large plaza with other roads radiating from it like spokes. The center of the plaza is dominated by a large cluster of landing platforms and refueling stations. The plaza is ringed by restaurants, clubs, casinos and brothels. This district is referred to as the Alien District due to the diverse nature of the residents, clientelle and buisiness people.

The local Woolong (symbol: ₩) on Shesharile 5 is valued at roughly 200 to an Imperial Credit. Good food is scarce on Shesharile 5, so prices are inflated. 5 credits for a watermelon, 35 credits for a pizza. While a more common noodle dish is only 1 credit. 150,000 credits buys a nice house, while the standard 35,000 credit listing buys a good apartment or condo equivalent. Rent is listed at 750-1,800+ per month, but on Shesharile that assumes a good living space. Rent in slum towers is often a tenth as much. Stim is produced locally and a major export, along with explosives. The chemistry market is booming compared to other aspects of the world. Ryll spice and food are the major imports.

General Prices for Reference

Ship Associated Costs: Shesharile 5

Docking Fees: 75 credits per day
Standard Maintenance and Restock: 25 credits x total crew and passengers x days consumables
Standard Customs Bribe: 100 credits (₩2,000 in local currency)

Food and Beverages

Pho Soup (Scomp and Noodles): 1 credit
Cheap Meal (Pho and Meat Sticks): 3 credits
Watermelon or Exotic Fruits: 5 credits
Good Meal (Spicy Noodles, Meat, Fruits): 10 credits
Large Pizza: 35 credits
Mug of Utoz (Beer) : 1 credit
Shot of Corellian Whiskey: 2 credits
Glass of Bespin Sparkle Wine: 3 credits
Bottle of Fizzyglug: 1 credit


Sleazy Motel Room (Ghettos): 3 credits per night
Cheap Motel Room (Outskirts): 5 credits per night
Cheap Motel Room (The Hub): 10 credits per night
Cheap Motel Room (Spaceport): 15 credits per night
Average Hotel Room (Spaceport/Resort): 30 credits per night
Good Hotel Room (Resort): 50 credits per night


Holo-Vid Screening: 3 credits
Narco-spice/Stim: 5-10 credits per dose
Ryll Spice: 10 credits per dose
Street Walker: 5-10 credits per service
Brothel: 15-30 credits per service


Ground Cab: 1 credit per km
Aero Cab: 3 credits per km
Ground Car Rental: 15 credit per day
Landspeeder Rental: 30 credits per day
Airspeeder Rental: 50 credits per day


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